Daddy vs Chips

A load of balls!

Daddy vs Chips III.

The twins do not get ball pools. Despite numerous tries, they either sit there looking bored or climb out and bum-shuffle away. This had left us with a large net of balls burning a hole in the cupboard. Da-da-da was determined to put them to good use. In doing so, I discovered a fun way to pass twenty minutes that requires little preparation.


balls-articleAny room and surface will do, but we have a largish hallway decked with ubiquitous laminate wood flooring. This is perfect as it makes a satisfying racket when balls bounce off it. All Da-da-da then needed to do was deposit the twins, seal them in using doors and baby gates and then let fly a variety of balls. Saoirse’s squeals as plastic, light-up and blow-up balls bounced about like that old Sony Bravia advert were fantastic.

Not only is this simple game fun, it also aids development by encouraging little ones to throw. The twins loved the balls and it could have only gone better if our house suffered from subsidence leading to us having a parabolic floor.

So what have I learnt?

  • Simple games are best. There is a reason cricket enjoys little popularity outside countries the British forced it upon.
  • Do not expect anything to last. It went well, but the twins soon started rattling the baby gates and trying to escape.
  • Activities that minimise planning rule. Even if you have to pick up lots of balls afterwards.

And so to the result:

Daddy wins! It was simple and fun. Best of all, when reporting on your day you can make Kenneth Williams-esque double entrendes like’there were balls everywhere’,  ‘I love playing with balls’ and ‘I have a big sack of balls’.

If you are really lucky you may even get some help tidying up.



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