Daddy vs Chips

Beating the lunchtime blues

Daddy vs Chips IV.

Cooking for twins is not easy. Batch cooking and freezing dinner after dinner at the weekend is a laborious necessity. But what about lunchtimes? Lunches need to be tasty and, most importantly, quick. When you have two kamikaze twoddlers stumbling around, spending time in the kitchen is a rare luxury.

After the epic failure of his salmon pasta, Da-da-da needs a big win. You can’t go wrong with pizza, can you?image1-copy

I’m no recipe writer, but pizza bread is lovely and
barely needs a recipe. Take one slice of bread, lightly toast and smear it with tomato passata. Add grated cheese (mozerella is best but cheddar also works well), a sprinkle of oregano and put it under the grill for a couple of minutes until it looks a little bit something like the picture on the right.

When it does, let it cool for a few minutes. Then tear or cut it into small pieces and serve. It makes great finger food, though  I have to admit to causing a few tears by eating some of it myself.

Everyone, it appears, loves pizza:

Like its Italian forebear, pizza bread is incredibly customisable. Need your son to get more greens? Throw some broccoli on there. Got a daughter like mine who hates meat? Hide some ham under the cheese and smile smugly as you deceive her into humane force feeding. In short, pizza bread rules.

And so to the result:

Daddy wins! To adults, I’m no culinary genius and when we have guests I’m rarely allowed near the kitchen. To the twins though, Da-da-da is the best cook on Earth!


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