Daddy vs Chips

Fun in the Autumn Sun

Daddy vs Chips V.

Thursday was a beautiful, sunny day in the SC (Sutton Coldfield) so Da-da-da was keen to do something  fun and ‘educational’ outside. After his last outdoors failure, Ma-ma had bought the twins some super-sized chalks to prevent mess.

Having buttoned Cillian in his stylish gilet and zipped up Saoirse’s spotty fleece, the intrepid threesome decanted to the patio, chalks neatly bagged and ready for deployment. Their aim: to draw lines, scribble and generally hit those development goals.

It started well. before Cillian’s bottom had hit the concrete, Saoirse had unwrapped the chalks and started clanking them together. Da-da-da quickly modelled how to scribble on the slabs and withdrew to optimum moment capturing distance. The twins took the hint:

For roughly ten seconds, Da-da-da was preparing his Mobot victory celebrations. Then the twins, tiny marks made, threw down their chalks and bum-shuffled away.

Da-da-da implored them to draw, but they just turned away, finding the pebbledash path infinitely more interesting. Despite much pleading,  neither would pick up the chalk again. Rather than engage with the hastily but lovingly drawn smiley faces, they tried to escape into the neighbours gardens (Da-da-da had still not repaired the gate that blew down in January).


Foiled in their trespassing, they turned to the right and attempted to runaway via the alley.


And so to the result:

If this was a football match, it would be a score draw. The twins may have run away and nearly tipped over the slide, but they did prove they could make marks with the chalks. Alas, like American sports there are no draws in the world of Daddy vs Chips. Scribbling was not done, lines were not drawn. Chips wins!

I do not feel I have learnt anything this time around. The activity was age appropriate, simple and adequately planned but the twins just did not want to take part. I do, however, have a question: are these ‘educational’ activities worthwhile? The teacher in me screams “Yes!”. Students who have parental support usually do better than those who do not. Practice of fine motor skills really can make perfect. At the same time, I know I would get a better reaction from the twins by putting a pair leggings on my head and pretending to be an octopus. So help me out here dear readers: will I ever beat the chips with something that is educational and fun?


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