Daddy vs Chips

On the High Seas!

Daddy vs Chips VI.

Unlike many people, I love Ryanair. Having an Irish wife, my relationship owes a lot to Michael O’Leary’s no frills, low cost flights. Despite the horror stories you hear, I have never found the leg room too little (and I’m 6’4″) or their staff anything less than courteous. The only gripe I have ever had, their overly officious baggage size check, has even been relaxed, making for one happy Da-da-da.

Back in December 2015, Da-da-da and Ma-ma-ma decided to introduce Cillian and Saoirse, then aged six months, to the joys of Ryanair. Here we are packed like sardines into our row:


As you can see, it was all smiles, and before long the twins were asleep. Job done, they love flying, are we not great parents?

Their second flight did not go as well. Two hour delays, lack of appropriate food and a busy, back-to-work terminal followed by an hour and ten minutes of screaming did not make for a happy New Year. Flights three and four, once the twins had grown bigger, the seats had seemingly shrunk and a buggy adaptor was lost on the luggage belt, were even less pleasant.

ferry1So in Spring 2016, Da-da-da insisted that from now on we travel by ferry.

Last week, we made our fourth
return trip using Irish Ferries Swift service. Though the ferry obviously lacks the speed of the aeroplane, it makes up for it in pure, unadulterated space.  The twins loved it and chasing them up and down the aisles was exhausting but great fun.

Cillian even found a new love: stairs. Showing remarkable agility, he was able to scale these with ease, using either the mountain climber pose shown here or a strange reverse-slinky technique.

This is not to say that it was all, pardon the pun, plain sailing. However, when a twin did get grumpy there were a myriad of distractions such the shop (clinky spirit bottles!), arcade games and, of course, the sea itself. And if things got really bad you could dress like you have an ASBO and take them out on deck for a blast of fresh air.


Look carefully at Saoirse’s hair, which is cut off on the left of the picture. In the wind, it looks quite like Donald Trump’s.

This is not to say ferry travel is without its downsides. It involves a lot of driving for Da-da-da (Ma-ma-ma does not drive) and though we have just been lucky so far the crossings are not always smooth. There are also long periods of embarking and disembarking which are dark, boring and fertile ground for tantrums. On balance though, it is a great way to travel with little ones.

And so to the result:

Super-runny-climby fun! Daddy wins!

Disclaimer: Though Da-da-da bravely insisted on travelling by ferry he had no hand in the organisation of said ferry. All booking, packing and general organisation was completed, as always, by Ma-ma-ma.





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