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Buying for baby-showers: Solving a man’s retail nightmare

With one of my best friends imminently expecting the arrival of his first child, I’ve spent the last few weeks racking my brain for a suitable present for a discerning baby with cool parents. Fortunately, I’ve been doing some work with UncommonGoods, a company who specialize in sustainable and ethically produced gifts. They make great gifts for guys and as a long-time fan of both US geography and beer bottles I may be asking the twins for this super cool beer map next Christmas.


But enough about me and back to the baby. UncommonGoods’ gifts for little ones range from cute ice cream swaddles to whacky moustache dummies.



However, I think I’m going to go for this rather practical bamboo suction  plate. As a new parent, you are often inundated with gifts you can only use in the first three months, so it can be really useful to get things you canBowlsave for later. This may even help prevent those food throwing incidents that lead to Daddy spending hours painstakingly repainting the kitchen walls.




The friend in question was one of my groomsmen, and I really wish I discovered UncommonGoods before my wedding. They have some great ideas for gift for groomsmen including this epic drinking horn. This would have been much better than whatever it was I did buy them!





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