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Parent Bloggers: How do you do it?

Despite appearances, this blog has not died. Though its been nearly two months since I have written an article and my tweets have been few and far between, its not been through the lack of desire to write. The twins are getting older, cleverer and are doing enough funny and noteworthy things to provide me with tons of material. The problem has been time. A complete lack of time.

Pbloggers 3
He is wearing his pyjamas, but there is no way he is going to bed.

I am now reaching the end of my year as a stay-at-home dad and reflecting on the past twelve months, one of the things I have found hardest has been the short supply of free time. Raising twins is intense. There is barely a moment where you are not changing a nappy, playing with a car, breaking up a fight, cajoling, tickling or cooking. I am not a man of many of talents or hobbies. Besides fleeting attempts to get fit and Sky Atlantic, I have few things competing for my free time. In theory, I should be able to knock out at least one blog entry a week. After a day where the twins have done something particularly funny or horrific, I would love to sit down and put fingers to keyboard. But when you are exhausted, the twins have refused to go to sleep and you need to eat, shave and tidy up in the hour and a half you have before bed its virtually impossible to find the will to sit at the laptop and be creative.

Pbloggers 5
“Helping” with  the packing.

In the last few months, I have not made it easy for myself to write. I took on some extra seasonal work back in June, which I tried to do concurrently with my normal job. I knew this would knock me out of the blogsphere for couple of weeks but it ended up, save one post, turning into a near three month hiatus. During this time, we have also moved house. Having yoyoed between houses in my years as a student, I felt I was quite good at moving house. Doing it with two toddlers bumbling around emptying recently packed boxes, however, is totally different. Unsurprisingly, it does not allow much time for blogging.

So in summary, I have not blogged because:

  1. I have wonderful but exhausting children who seem not to need sleep.
  2. I work part-time on top of being a full time dad.
  3. I have had a very busy summer.

When you put it down on paper, that seems quite a lame series of excuses. The parent bloggers I follow, have as busy, if not busier lives than me. Some of them have equally crazy children, full-time jobs and more demands on their times. A good number of them even have more than two kids. Despite this, these people turn out two or three blog posts a week, witty tweets, beautiful Instagram photos and even well-edited vlogs. How on earth do these people do it?!!? Are they superhuman or am I just too lazy or precious about my sleep?

Things have now calmed down since the move and I have several weeks holiday before the dreaded return to full-time work. Over the next few weeks I hope to write up several of the ideas that have been running around my head for the last few months. I cannot say I am particularly hopeful that this will happen. A “holiday” with twins is not a real holiday. However, I will have more time. Perhaps agameoftwins will ride again.

Are you a parent blogger? How do you manage to blog and balance parenting commitments? If not, how do you manage to find time for hobbies and downtime whilst being a parent? I would be genuinely intrigued to know.

Pbloggers 4
Our first sandcastles. Holidays are great but not much of a rest!



9 thoughts on “Parent Bloggers: How do you do it?

  1. With difficulty! I’m a full time SAHD, and I Unschool my six kids, and I don’t blog nearly as much I want to. I sometimes find time while the younger kids are napping or at night when they’re asleep. On occasional Saturdays my wife watched the kids for me for a couple of hours so I can go to the coffee shop or library to write. And yet I never seem to find time to write about the vast majority of ideas that are bouncing around inside my skull.

    I too am in awe of the people that frequently publish polished posts while also taking care of their kids. I image it takes a lot of commitment to their blogging and pushing other things aside to make room for it.


  2. It’s hard isn’t it….. I started this whilst on maternity leave and it was much easier. Fast forward to being back at work, and it is much harder. I find myself with an hour or two a night to myself and I use that to blog/network. Plus any other spare time – lunches, walking from the car I can pop onto social media and work on that and then write posts etc in the evenings. That said I am at my computer most evenings, I give myself Saturday evenings off but other nights I am on doing something. #ThatFridayLinky


  3. My daughter was three when I first got introduced to the world of blogging. As much as I know there were tons of stories and potential posts left behind by starting then, I really don’t think I could have put in the time and effort any earlier in her life than that. I think the key is to keep your expectations reasonable and remember why you started. Just remember this awesome record you will have of these days #thatfridaylinky

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  4. My girls were 2 years old when I started, if I’m honest I couldn’t live without it now I love blogging with a passion, I threatened on occasion to stop but I know I won’t, one thing about blogging is you do as much or as little as you like. I love this post so honest Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

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  5. OMG, a lame list of excuses-are you joking? I am stunned that you manage to do any of the things on your list ever. Twins is exhausting, and you have a part time job, and summers are always busy. I am surprised you have time to wee, let alone blog. Pen x #ThatFridayLinky

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  6. I like to write in blocks. I’ll write a few posts and schedule them all so I’m ahead of myself, but it’s always harder during the summer hols when school’s out as there’s less time to write, but that’s a good thing because we can spend lots of time together. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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